Recent News

January 1, 2024:

Happy New Year! As you begin 2024, remember to be kind to those around you

(We don’t know how the next person is struggling.), and be giving to those who

have less. We at In A Coma Productions hope you have everything you need.

December 25, 2023:

We’d like to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas, and a

Joyous Kwanzaa from all of us at In A Coma Productions. Enjoy the time with

your family.

December 18 , 2023:

Tonight sees the exit of John Emmett Tracy from Paramount Network’s hit

modern wester “Yellowstone“. The series saw him play the role of

Ellis Steele” in 11 episodes over 3 seasons. Well done John! We look forward

to your next adventure.

December 7, 2023:

And so begins the “The Festival Of Lights”. We hope that Hanukka brings you

health and happiness.

October 9, 2023:

If you are a fan of Johannah Newmarch, like we are, you should know that she

is celebrating her birthday, today. We are sending out our best wishes from

the lot of us at In A Coma Productions.

July 30 , 2023:

Hallmark Channel starts its 10th successful season of “When Calls The Heart“.

Tonight’s inaugural episode is titled: “Carpe Diem” and the lovable and talented

Johannah Newmarch, is set to return in her popular role of “Molly Sullivan. We

will be watching.

July 2, 2023:

Look at that, the Summer weather means it is time for  John Emmet Tracy. to

celebrate another trip around the solar system. Happy Birthday!

May 31, 2023:

Mark Tibando celebrates his day of birth. All of us here at In A Coma Productions 

want him to have a great day. You are loved, Brother!!!

May 26, 2023:

The production team here at In A Coma Productions has grown by one. The

incredibly talented FX Master John L Healy has joined as a Producer and Special

Effects Coordinator for the feature film “Royal Blood“. Principal photography is

planned for 2024/2025.

January 1, 2023:

The crew at In A Coma Productions is very grateful for the good fortune we

had in 2022 and hope that you have everything you need as you celebrate a

Happy New Year! We also want to take a moment to remind everyone to be kind,

to all you meet, and generous to those who have less.

December 25, 2022:

All of us at In A Coma Productions want to wish each and every one of you

a very Merry Christmas, and a Joyous Kwanzaa.

December 18, 2022:

The “The Festival Of Lights” is upon us. We, here at In A Coma Productions, hope

that Hanukka finds you well and health. Michael Scriven and Brook Judge wish you

all a happy holiday.

November 13 , 2022:

The fifth season of Paramount Network’s hit “Yellowstone” premiers tonight

and it heralds the return of John Emmett Tracy in the role of “Ellis Steele“.

I’m looking forward to watching this action packed series.

On a side note, the prequel series “1883“, with Sam Elliott, is amazing!!

October 9, 2022:

Johannah Newmarch is celebrating her birthday, today. The crew here at

In A Coma Productions sends our best wishes.

August 10 , 2022:

The amazing Johannah Newmarch, in the role of “Molly Sullivan“, is on Hallmark

Channel’s super successful “When Calls The Heart“. What’s that? You already

know that? Yeah, but did you know they just celebrated their 100th episode!!!

Now that’s fantastic news. Congratulations to the entire cast.

July 2, 2022:

We are hoping the fantastically talented  John Emmet Tracy. is having a very Happy

Birthday today. All the best from us here at (You know where.)

May 31, 2022:

Our good friend and comrade Mark Tibando celebrates another trip around the sun!

We’re super glad to have you in our team, dude!

March 6, 2022:

Hallmark Channel’s much loved series “When Calls The Heart” returns to the airways

tonight, in its 9th season. The series will, once again, show off the talents of the

incredible Johannah Newmarch in the role of “Molly Sullivan“.

January 1, 2022:


Hang in there, we’ll get through this together

December 25, 2021:

To reiterate the thoughts given during Hannukka, In A Coma Productions wants you

all to stay safe, happy and healthy. If you’ve had good fortune, that’s great and we

hope it continues but remember, there are people out there that are struggling.

It is incumbent upon all of us to help lift others when they are having a tough time.

You’ll feel better for it. Merry Christmas!

November 28, 2021:

The symbolism of Hannukka as “The Festival Of Lights” is not lost on us, this

year. In A Coma Productions is hoping that we can all look past the dark effects of

the pandemic, and see the future of 2022 with light and energy. We wish our, friends,

family and all those we worked with this year, the best in the coming months. Both 

Michael Scriven and Brook Judge want you and yours to have a safe and happy


October 9, 2021:

The most excellent Johannah Newmarch is celebrating her day of birth. All of

us down here at In A Coma Productions want to wish her the best day possible.

July 30, 2021:

For excellent family fun, you should tune into The Disney Channel and take a boo

at “Gabby Duran & The Unsittables“. Tonight’s episode features one of our favourite

actresses: Johannah Newmarch. She is appearing as “Amelia H.M.F. Barsten

in the episode “A Song of Gabby & Susie“. You should check it out.

July 2, 2021:

The Start of Summer means one thing, another Birthday for  John Emmet Tracy.

The Happiest of Days to you Sir!

July 1, 2021:

                     IN A COMA PRODUCTIONS Celebrates 10 Years!!!                                

The Crew: Michael Scriven, Doug ThomsonMark Tibando and Brook Judge

want to thank all our Family and Friends for their non-stop support over the years.

Here’s to another twenty!!!

May 31, 2021:

One of the Crew, Mark Tibando is celebrating his 60th Birthday today. Your kindness

and energy are much appreciated. We hope this is a great day, Sir.

April 18, 2021:

John Emmet Tracy is appearing on the ‘Whodunit’ Matchmaker Mysteries” tonight. 

The evening’s thriller involves murder, theft, blackmail and fraud at a museum. The

episode is “The Art Of The Kill“, with John as “Simon Beaucamp“,  and you can catch

it on the Hallmark Network

February 21, 2021:

The Eighth Season of “When Calls The Heart” is being released tonight on Hallmark.

Johannah Newmarch  will be reprising her role of “Molly Sullivan” on the much

beloved  series. The crew here at In A Coma Productions want to congratulate both

Johannah and the rest of the hard working gang that have kept that show going.

FYI, you can also view the show on Amazon Prime.

January 4, 2021:

DoN’t cOMe HeRE“, the long awaited feature length thriller from Director

Douglas Thomson and writer Brook Judge, is finally nearing the end of

Post-Production (Delayed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic).

The cast features: Joan Iyiola, Arazou BakerNikolas Salmon, Jorja James,

Rhys Howells, Onur Cocen, and Benjamin Grant-Ewen. The film was produced

through Fish In The City Films SL and Original Face Films. The Producers:

Douglas Thomson, Kepa Danobeitia, Dana Pemberton, Rania Moussallem,

Colleen Robinson, and Brook Judge.

The film was shot in Mallorca Spain, in and around the beautiful town of Campos

and Sa Barrala. The anticipated release of the film is mid-year.

January 1, 2021:

We made it! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

December 25, 2020:

This is the time of year when gratitude is sometimes forgotten.

Both Michael Scriven and Brook Judge, at In A Coma Productions

sincerely want to thank our friends and family for the love and support they

have shown us. We also hope everyone receives all they need at this special time

of year. It’s been a hard 366 days (That’s right, it was a leap year) but we’ll get

through it together. Merry Christmas!

December 10, 2020:

As Hannukka (The Festival Of Lights) begins tonight, the entire crew at

In A Coma Productions want to wish everyone the best of health and

happiness, after a difficult year. Both Michael Scriven and Brook Judge hope

you and your family are well and 2021 is all you need it to be.

October 9, 2019:

Johannah Newmarch takes another spin around the solar system, as she celebrates

her birthday today. We wish her the best of times.

September 24, 2020:

Writer/Director Karen Lam is releasing “The Curse Of the Winter Song” a horror film

from Uncork’d Entertainment. It co-stars Johannah Newmarch, in the role of


August 1, 2020:

We here at In A Coma Productions would like to encourage everyone to continue

to wear a face covering and social distance. Think of others.

July 9, 2020:

World Health Organization Announces that Covid-19 Can Be Airborne

July 2, 2020:

A very happy B-Day to  John Emmet Tracy.

June 26, 2020:

The Twilight Zone” is back (On CBS all access) and in its second season.

Tonight’s creepfest makes use the huge talents of Johannah Newmarch

She appears as “Mrs Davies” in the episode “You might Also like“.

June 21, 2020:

Paramount Network’s exciting modern Western “Yellowstone” has hired a new

gunslinger (So to speak). The amazing John Emmet Tracy has become a member

of the ensemble as he portrays “Ellis Steele“, tonight, in season three’s opening

episode “You’re The Indian Now.”

June 13, 2020:

Blueprint To The Heart” begins it’s regular run on the W-Network tonight.

Johannah Newmarch appears as  “Kimberly” in this 90 minute romantic romp.

May 31, 2020:

Mark Tibando celebrates another spin around the sun today. Happy Birthday!

May 3, 2020:

In A Coma Productions would like to send a Shout out to the courageous

Front-Line Workers. You are the best!

April 26, 2020:

Tonight John Emmet Tracy makes an appearance as August Cartwright, on the

HBO Max series Batwoman

June 13, 2020:

Hallmark Mysteries is releasing “Riddled With Deceit: A Martha’s Vinyard Mystery“,

their latest exiting thriller. This who-dun-it has Johannah Newmarch in it as 

Regina Fields“. Make sure to check it out.

February 25, 2020:

CDC Announces COVID-19 Headed Towards Pandemic Status 

February 23, 2020:

The Seventh Season of “When Calls The Heart” begins tonight on the Hallmark

Channel. The stunningly talented Johannah Newmarch continues with her

portrayal of “Molly Sullivan” on this incredibly popular series.

January 31, 2020:

The World Health Organization has issued a Global Health Emergency.

With a worldwide death toll of more than 200 and an exponential jump to more

than 9800 cases, the WHO finally declares a public health emergency, for just the

sixth time. Human-to-human transmission is quickly spreading and can now be

found in the United States, Germany, Japan, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

January 1, 2020:

Happy New Year to all! The crowd here at In A Coma Productions hopes

2020 brings you and yours everything you need!

December 25, 2019:

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

December 25, 2019:

Home For Christmas“, a 90 minute Christmas special brought to you by the cast and

crew of “When Calls The Heart” (Including the lovely Johannah Newmarch as

Molly Sullivan“), airs tonight on the Hallmark Channel.

December 22, 2019:

The crew at In A Coma Productions want to wish everyone the best, as we start

Hannukka (The Festival of Lights) tonight. Michael Scriven and Brook Judge have

enjoyed a great 2019 and we hope your 2020 is all you need it to be.

October 15, 2019:

Netflix has released some early Christmas Fare! Johannah Newmarch is playing

the wicked step mother “Dierdre Decker” in “A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

It’s a lighthearted romp that is going to please the whole family.

October 9, 2019:

The awesome and talented Johannah Newmarch is celebrating her birthday today.

We wish you another glorious year of happiness.

October 7, 2019:

World traveling Director Douglas Thomson is headed to Mallorca Spain to start

Pre-production on an upcoming feature film. The title and particulars are under wraps.

Filming starts October 31, 2019.  This exciting new thriller was penned by our own

Brook Judge.

September 28, 2019:

Douglas Thomson is currently in London England casting actors/actresses for a

feature length film to be shot in Spain at the end of next month. Keep stopping

in on this blog to hear the latest.

September 20, 2019:

Johannah Newmarch plays “Janet” in Writer/Director Lisa Ovie‘s latest venture

into terror: “Puppet Killer“. The film follows a group of high-schoolers  celebrating

Christmas, at a cabin in the woods, as they are stalked by a psychotic killer obsessed

with horror movie icons.

August 18, 2019:

Danger is afoot tonight as John Emmet Tracy appears in The Hallmark Channel’s

tension filled series “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries“. Stop by for the latest episode:

A Very Foul Play” and see if John (As “Andrew Wakefield“) did it, in this Whodunit.

August 1, 2019:

Sadly, as reported earlier in the year, tonight the CW Network is showing the final

episode of “IZombie“. John Emmet Tracy will be taking one last bow as

Enzo Lambert“. Sit down and say goodbye as you watch tonight’s episode

Alls Well That Ends Well“.

July 19, 2019:

Rutger Hauer, the wonderfully talented blonde and blue-eyed actor, known for his

performance as “Roy Batty” in the classic Sci-Fi epic “Blade Runner” has passed

away at the age of 75. May he rest amongst the glittering C-Beams at Tannhauser


July 2, 2019:

Look who is a Birthday boy today. John Emmet Tracy turns 50! Have fun!

June 30, 2019:

Happy birthday to Douglas Thomson, who is working out of Mallorca Spain. Word has

it that he is currently going through rewrites for  an upcoming feature film. We’ll have

more information later in the year

May 31, 2019:

Celebrate with us here at In A Coma Productions as we wish Mark Tibando a very

Happy Birthday!

May 23, 2019:

Just a reminder, the CW Network series “IZombie“, is coming to its conclusion

this year. We remind you of this sad news because the wonderful  John Emmett Tracy

is a regular cast member and you should catch all the episodes before it disappears.

May 21, 2019:

Open For Submission“, A film by Bryan Skinner, has two of our favourites in it.

Both Johannah Newmarch, as “Celina” and John Emmet Tracy, as

Desmond Baggs“, appear in this hilarious comedy. It is being released today.

May 12, 2019:

You can’t slow her down- Johannah Newmarch is appearing in Hallmark Channel’s

Suspense series “Hailey Dean Mysteries“. She will be playing Lisain the thrilling

episode titled “A Prescription For Murder“.

April 27, 2019:

Last Stand To Nowhere” has Johannah Newmarch playing ‘Lunger’ “Doc Holliday“.

It is an action packed short film directed by Michelle Muldoon.

March 31, 2019:

The whole gang here at In A Coma Productions wish to congratulate the

incredible efforts of Michael Scriven. He finished his first Triathlon (The Lavaman

Waikoloa Triathlon) in beautiful Hawaii. That’s an awesome accomplishment.

Well Done!!!

March 30, 2019:

Keep an eye out for  Johannah Newmarch on the comedy series “You Me Her

April 9th she will be playing Amyon the episode titled “Triangular Peg,

Meet Round Hole“.

February 24, 2019:

When Calls The Heart“, Hallmark Channel’s standout series, continues in it’s sixth

season tonight. It continues to show off the talents of series regular, the beautiful and

talented Johannah Newmarch (as “Molly Sullivan“).

February 12, 2019:

The Sci-Fi series: “Project Bluebook“, covers investigations into UFO’s, during the

Cold War. It is currently its second season and tonight, in the episode that is titled

The Green Fireballs“, John Emmett Tracy will drop by to play “Phil“. The series is

showing on the History Channel.

February 6, 2019:

A tragic time for Canada is put under the microscope in the miniseries

Unspeakable“. It is an examination of the tainted blood scandal of the early 1980s.

John Emmett Tracy takes on the role of “Sam Millhouse“. This multi-episode series

shows a truly dark period in Canadian history.

January 24, 2019:

Talented producer Michael Scriven is one year older today. Happy Birthday from the

crew here at In A Coma Productions.

January 1, 2019:

The team at In A Coma Productions wants to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

We sincerely hope 2019 brings you and yours joy and contentment!

December 25, 2018:

The holiday season is here and all of us at In A Coma Productions want to wish

you a very Merry Christmas, a Joyous Kwanzaa and Festivus for the rest of you.

December 25, 2018:

Tonight is the night for Christmas stories and movies. On the Hallmark Channel

you can see the wonderful Johannah Newmarch  when she appears as series

regular “Molly Sullivan in “When Calls The Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing.

Some other favourites, among the staff at In A Coma Productions,  that you may

wish to check out, is: “Christmas Vacation” ,”It’s A Wonderful Life“, “Love Actually“,

Scrooge” (Alistair Sim 1951), “Scrooged“, and “White Christmas“. Enjoy them with

the family.

December 2, 2018:

Hannukka runs from tonight till December 10th.  Michael Scriven and Brook Judge

send out their heartfelt thanks for everyone’s support of In A Coma Productions

throughout 2018.  We also wish the best to everyone, during this Festival of Lights.

November 16, 2018:

We at In A Coma Productions are saddened to hear of the passing of a giant in

the trade. Two time Oscar winner William Goldman died today at the age of 87. He

was a screenwriter, novelist, playwright, non-fiction author. Born in Highland

Park, Illinois, USA. He began his career as a novelist in 1957.  Started writing

screenplays in 1965 with “Masquerade. Best known for “Marathon Man (Is it safe?),

All the President’s Men (Follow the money), “Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid

(The fall will probably kill you) and “The Princess Bride (My name is Inigo

Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die). They don’t get any better than

William Goldman.

October 18, 2018:

Supernatural“, the long running cult hit will see John Emmett Tracy appearing

once again as the God “Mercury“. This episode is called “Gods and Monsters“.

On an added note, they have a yearly Fan-Con here in Vancouver. If you are into the

show, you should check it out.

October 9, 2018:

In A Coma Productions wants to wish Johannah Newmarch a very happy birthday.

2018 has seen many successes for this incredible actress and we have been lucky

enough to watch it unfold.

October 5, 2018:

The much vaunted series “Man In The High Castle“, loosely based Philip K. Dick’s

novel of the same name, is in its third season. Tonight, in the episode titled

Sabra“, John Emmett Tracy appears as “Father Finn“. There has been nothing

but good word on this series, so you might want to give it a look.

August 19, 2018:

John Emmett Tracy is also making his talented presence known on Hallmark

He is showing up on tonight’s “Garage Sale Mystery: Picture A Murder“, as well.

His role is “Ian Hathaway” and, despite our inquiries, we don’t know if he is

the killer or to be killed. We’ll all find out later.

August 19, 2018:

Johannah Newmarch, as “Sally Lynwood“, helps discover the identity of the

killer in the Hallmark Channel’s ongoing Thriller series. Tonight’s episode is

called “Garage Sale Mystery: Picture A Murder“.   You’ll want to keep the lights

on for this one.

August 5, 2018:

The busy-busy actress known as Johannah Newmarch is appearing in her fifth

venture into the role of “Sally Lynwood“, on the Hallmark Channel’s mystery

series “Garage Sale Mystery: Pandora’s Box“.  This ‘Who-Done-It’ is the first

of two in the Serial that is being released this month.

July 2, 2018:

John Emmett Tracy is one year short of a half-century today. Happy Birthday to

you sir, from all of us at In A Coma Productions.

June 30, 2018:

He’s at it again.  Douglas Thomson, is having another birthday, however, this year

we don’t have to look for him too hard. He has sent word that he will be flying into

beautiful Vancouver, B.C. in two weeks. This year we can wish him a happy one

in person.

May 31, 2018:

Our own Mark Tibando will be whooping it up tonight as he celebrates his most

recent birthday. Well done Mark. Here’s to another successful year.

May 27, 2018:

Nominees for the 36th annual Jessie Awards (Vancouver’s Theatre Prize) have been

released and none other than  John Emmett Tracy has made the list. He is up for

Outstanding Performance by an Actor – Large Theatre. The role that garnered this

nod is that of “Anthony” in “Outside Mullingar” performed at Pacific Theatre.

All of us at In A Coma Productions are super proud.

April 30, 2018:

Nominations for this years LEO Awards have come out. The whole gang here at

In A Coma Productions were not surprised to see that  Johannah Newmarch

has had her name put forward. This year she was nominated as Best Supporting

Performance by a Female in a Television Movie for her turn as “Adele Atmore

in “The Christmas Calender“.

April 28, 2018:

The Sci-Fi Drama “Violentia” is released today. The first feature Written and Directed

by Ray Raghaven, it features Johannah Newmarch as “Mrs. Wyatt“. The movie

centres on the difficult subject of school shootings and their aftermath (including

a futuristic twist).

March 26, 2018:

The CW Network series “IZombie“, takes on  John Emmett Tracy as its newest

regular cast member. The Comedy/Crime/Drama is in its fourth season and

J.E. Tracy seems to be settling in for a nice stretch.

February 18, 2018:

Hallmark Channel’s successful series “When Calls The Heart“, continues in it’s fifth

season tonight. Series regular Johannah Newmarch (as “Molly Sullivan“), will be

showing off her acting talents for another marvelous year.

February 9, 2018:

Fifty Shades Freed“, with the wonderful John Emmett Tracy opens today in the

United States. Looks like it is going to be another great year for John.

February 2, 2018:

The latest Sci-Fi offering “Altered Carbon” has our own John Emmett Tracy in the

role of “Warden Sullivan“. The pilot episode “Out Of The Past” airs  tonight.

January 24, 2018:

In A Coma Production’s New Years Baby Michael Scriven is celebrating his B-Day

today. All of us here, are wishing him a happy one. Of course we still expect him

to pay for lunch.

January 1, 2018:

In A Coma Productions had a wonderful 2017. The creative team here hopes that

2018 brings you and yours joy, happiness and contentment. May you have a very

Happy New Year!

December 23, 2017:

The gang here at In A Coma Productions want to wish the best, to all, during this

holiday season. A very Merry Christmas, a Joyous Kwanzaa and Festivus for the

rest of us. Revel in your feats of strength!

December 12, 2017:

Both Michael Scriven and Brook Judge want to thank those who continue to support

our little film company and wish one and all a very Happy Hannukka! Enjoy the next

eight days and nights.

December 01, 2017:

The multifaceted John Emmett Tracy has been spotted in Ana de Lara’s comedic

short “Good Girls Don’t“. Released today, it tells the story of a Filipina-Canadian girl

who defies her mother’s warnings that she will turn into a boy if she plays basketball.

November 02, 2017:

John Emmett Tracy is, once again, showing up in the locally filmed series

Supernatural“. He plays “John Driscoll” in the episode titled “The Big Empty“.  This

is lucky season 13 for the hit CW series.

November 01, 2017:

Johannah Newmarch continues to shine as she appears as “Adele Altmore” in the

the latest offering from Really Real FilmsThe Christmas Calendar“.

October 09, 2017:

The lovely and talented Johannah Newmarch is celebrating her birthday today

and we here at In A Coma Productions want to wish her all the best. This year,

has been another wonderful success, for her, and we are super excited to have been

able to watch her victories.

September 13, 2017:

Mark Tibando is appearing in another short film from Producers Stefano Casadei

Terence Hayman and Marc Yungco. IMDb shows the project “Follow Up” as

completed today. We look forward to viewing Mark’s performance as

The Bartender“. The release date has not been set. When we know, you’ll know.

August 12, 2017:

In a couple weeks (August 27th to be exact), Johannah Newmarch will be appearing

in “Garage Sale Mystery: A Case Of Murder” on the Hallmark Channel. This is

Ms. Newmarch‘s fourth appearance in that series as “Sally Lynwood

July 02, 2017:

John Emmett Tracy sees another celebration of his birthday, today.  All the gang

at the In A Coma Productions offices send our best. You’re not getting older,

you’re just getting better.

June 30, 2017:

Summer contains some of the busiest months for all of us here at the home of

In A Coma Productions but we will pause to give a shout out to Doug Thomson.

He is enjoying his birthday somewhere between Geneva and London. Continue to live

the dream, Brother!

June 25, 2017:

Our good pal Mark Tibando just shot another short film. This one is called “Before

Closing“. Producers Stefano Casadei and Marc Yungco are currently putting it

through post production. Mr Tibando plays “Karl“, in this one. We’ll let you know

when it’s being released.

June 05, 2017:

On the weekend, Johannah Newmarch won her third LEO AWARD in six years.

She won Best Supporting Performance by a Female in Television Movie,

for her role as “Sharon Miller” in “Pretty Little Dead Girl“. She is definitely doing

something right.

May 31, 2017:

To the one and only Mark Tibando, “Yom hu’ledet sameach”. From the whole team at

In A Coma Productions. You’re having a great year and we are thrilled for you.

May 19, 2017:

The romantic comedy “Entanglement” is being released today. It was well received

at this years Vancouver Film Festival and it shows off the talent of the one and only

Johannah Newmarch.

May 02, 2017:

The LEO AWARDS have been announced and (No surprise) that magnificent

red-head Johannah Newmarch has been nominated. (This is turning into a

regular thing). She is up for Best Supporting Performance by a Female in

Television Movie. This is for her turn as “Sharon Miller” in the Suspense

filled movie “Pretty Little Dead Girl“. The Awards take place on May 27th, June 3th

and June 4th.

April 23, 2017:

It’s nice when friends get to work together.  John Emmett Tracy is stopping by

the hit  Hallmark Channel series “When Calls The Heart“, tonight. He’ll be hanging

out with series regular Johannah Newmarch (Known to series fans as

Molly Sullivan“). The episode is “Heart Of A Fighter” and Mr Tracy is in the role of

Dr. Karl Strohm“.

April 22, 2017:

Johannah Newmarch continues her busy schedule in 2017 by appearing in the

independent film “Joe Finds Grace“. Released today, it represents several years of

hard work from Writer/Director Anthony Harris.

April 17, 2017:

Set for release on May 26, 2017, “Drone” stars the fantastic John Emmet Tracy,

he shows up along side Mary McCormack and Sean Bean.  John appears as

Daniel Winters” in this look at Drone Warfare in the Middle East.

April 08, 2017:

Hallmark Channel’s newest Rom-Com is out.  “Moonlight In Vermont” and

John Emmet Tracy  is appearing in it as “Shark Realtor Tony“. This is looking like

another  super busy year for him. Way to go!

March 11, 2017:

Johannah Newmarch appears along side Sarah Wayne Callies and Famke Jannsen

in the Thriller “This is Your Death“. Directed by Giancarlo Esposito, It is a bizzare

look at reality T.V..

February 19, 2017:

When Calls The Heart“, Hallmark Channel’s hit show, rolls into its fourth season

with the vivacious presence of Johannah Newmarch. She will be continuing her role

of “Molly Sullivan“.

February 09, 2017:

This is a double WAMMY! “Hollow Child“, produced by Broken Mirror Films,

is being released today. It’s a horror movie that is twice the fun to watch because it

has John Emmet Tracy and Johannah Newmarch in front of the cameras. This scare

fest hits the theatres today.

February 04, 2017:

From the minds of Mackenzie Gray and Ned J. Vankevich comes the drama

Heart Of Clay” and the feisty Johannah Newmarch is appearing in it as

Darlene“. It is being released by Enchanted Eye Pictures.

January 23, 2017:

The SciFi series “Beyond“, from Automatic Entertainment, has hire the brilliant

John Emmet Tracy. His handsome face will be showing up in the episode titled:

Fancy Meeting You Here” and he will play “Gambler Brit“. I suggest you tune in.

January 18, 2017:

We are celebrating around the office, this morning because it is Michael Scriven’s

birthday. The crew at In A Coma Productions will allow him to take us out to

an expensive lunch.

January 04, 2017:

Pretty Little Dead Girl” is the movie and  Johannah Newmarch is the actress giving

an amazing performance as “Sharon Miller“, in this murder mystery. Makenzie Vega

and Ben Cotton also star in this spine tingling thriller. Hats off to Pender Street

Pictures for producing it.

October 22, 2016:

It has been announced that “Stagecoach: The Texas Jack Story” is set to be released

on November 4.  John Emmet Tracy is co-starring in this western extravaganza as

Hank Holiday“. John will be appearing along side Kim Coates and Judd Nelson.

October 09, 2016:

Happy Birthday Johannah Newmarch!!! Go Little Miss Energy!

September 13, 2016:

Mark Tibando appears, as “Louis The Cook” in Greg Durand‘s hilarious short-film

The Italian Dinner“. His comedy talents are showcased in this wonderful thirteen-

minute movie that is set to be released today.

July 02, 2016:

Felicitations and a Happy Birthday go to John Emmet Tracy.

June 30, 2016:

In A Coma Productions’ in house director, Douglas Thomson, is in Spain

shooting film.  Feliz cumpleaños! (It’s Spanish, look it up.)

June 6, 2016:

I see it is less than a week till we can see Johannah Newmarch in the Netflix series

MC2“.  The episode featuring her is set for release on June 11th and is titled

Crate Expectations“. Meanwhile, you can continue your viewing pleasure of her by

watching the latest season (Season 3) of “When Calls The Heart” on the Hallmark

Channel.  This woman is busy, busy, busy.

May 31, 2016:

Mark Tibando, is celebrating his day of birth today.  All the crew at In A Coma

Productions are celebrating, as well. Super happy to have you here with us!

May 18, 2016:

Set to be released in early July, the newest project from John Emmet Tracy is the

fantasy film “BFG“, (which stands for ‘Big Friendly Giant’).  It is also the latest film

to be directed by Steven Spielberg.   It is a wonderful fantasy film that should be

entertaining for the whole family.

May 17, 2016:

Motive“, the suspense series that is currently part of ABC’s stable of show’s, is out.

However, Season 4 Episode 7 seems to have stalled, coming out of the gate.  Why

are we concerned?Well the multi-talented John Emmet Tracy is appearing as

Howard Bailin” in that particular instalment.  It was supposed to appear on May 6

but didn’t. We waited till May 10 and nothing. We are hoping it is shown on May 17th.

The title of the long awaited episode is “The Dead Hand“.

March 17, 2016:

Tonight and for two nights after that, the Brave New Play Rites Festival is happening

down at the Studio on Granville Island, here in Vancouver British Columbia.  Why

should you care? Well, the gifted Mark Tibando is performing in “To The Dead“.

It is exciting to see him back in front of an audience, where he truly belongs.

March 4, 2016:

Johannah Newmarch is “Elizabeth” in Chris Scheuerman’s Science-fiction/thriller

Lost Solace“. Released by Jinga Films,it is currently showing on the Horror Channel

as part of its Frightfest series. Enjoy.

February 18, 2016:

John Emmet Tracy is appearing as “Edward R Jones” in the new feature film

The Devout“. Nominated for two Leo Awards, the film is billed as ‘A crisis-of-faith

drama about reincarnation and the power of belief ‘.

February 09, 2016:

Lucas Wolf, during brief breaks as an outstanding painter and sculptor here in

Vancouver, will be appearing as “The Man In The Iron Mask” on the CW Television

Network’s hit show “The Flash“.  He’ll be showing up in, at least, six episodes this

year.  The first is tonights chapter titled “Welcome to Earth-2“.

February 02, 2016:

The psychological thriller “Home Invasion“, has star power.  Not only does it have

Jason Patric and Natasha Henstridge but it also co-stars the amazing Johannah

Newmarch.  This high octane feature film is being released on video today.

January 18, 2016:

Michael Scriven,  don’t forget, it’s your birthday. The crew here at In A Coma

Productions hasn’t let it slip their minds. Happy B-Day!

January 05, 2016:

The television series “Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce” will be showing off the skills of

one John Emmet Tracy tonight.  He is appearing as “The Moderator“.   Tune into the

Bravo Network for all the good stuff!

January 03, 2016:

Hallmark Channel’s  “Garage Sale Mystery” returns and with it comes the lovely

Johannah Newmarch reprises her role as “Susan Lynwood“.  The episode is called

Guilty Until Proven Innocent“.

January 01, 2016:

John Emmet Tracy is set for a turn as “Cole Reddings” in the new drama series

The Wilding“. The summary:  ‘Across North Carolina, disparate people realize they’re

connected by the same haunting’.  Date of release has yet to be set.  Looks like a

good one so lets keep our fingers crossed.

December 27, 2015:

The series “When Calls The Heart” has been renewed for its third season on the

Hallmark Channel.  Good news for all of us who are fans of the super talent known

as Johannah Newmarch.  She will be on the air performing in the popular role of

Molly Shannon“. We’ve got our seat saved for the next thirteen Sundays.

December 16, 2015:

Johannah Newmarch has a supporting role in the new horror flick “Dead of Night “.

Released by After Dark Films.   She will appear as the character “Alice“.

November 23, 2015:

Johannah ‘she’s everywhere’ Newmarch plays “Kimberly Whiting” in the Hallmark

Network’s  “Murder She Baked” series.  This puzzler’s title is “A Plumb Pudding

Mystery“. I don’t think she did it but, when she’s on the screen, she does it for us.

November 05, 2015:

Minority Report“, the series based on the sci-fi movie, will be showing off the rare

talents of Johannah Newmarch tonight.  She will help drive the story forward as she

drops in on the episode titled “Honor Among Thieves“.

August 22, 2015:

The television series “Full House” played to millions of viewers in the 1980s. Tonight

Johannah Newmarch shows you what happened, behind the scenes of that hit

sitcom, when she appears in the fact based movie of the week: “The Unauthorized

Full House Story“.

August 22, 2015:

You can see Mark Tibando‘s serious side when you check out his latest role: “David

in the short film “A Silent Reminder“.  It is billed as  a dramatic look into  the lives of

“A mother and daughter as they struggle to maintain their bond after the passing of

the family patriarch.”

August 15, 2015:

Sugarbabies” is a thriller made for Television and it has the dexterous hands (and

body) of John Emmet Tracy working on it.   The film which stars Alyson Stoner is

being released today.  John steps in as “Peter” in this adrenaline filled flick.  Made

by Pender Street Pictures, look for it on the Lifetime Television Network.

July 02, 2015:

The tall, talented and handsome John Emmett Tracy. is celebrating his birthday,

today. If you see him on the screen or on the street, wish him a good one.

June 30, 2015:

The directorial titan Douglas Thomson, is having a birthday. He’s in some far off

country today. Wherever you are, have a Great day!

June 29, 2015:

Remember that project, from Steven Spielberg, we mentioned back in January?

Well, it is on the air and tonights episode has the one and only Johannah Newmarch

appearing in it.  The series is: “The Whispers” and she will be playing Dr Kest in the

episode titled “What Lies Beneath“. Focus your eyeballs on this one by tuning into

your local ABC Network affiliate.

June 16, 2015:

A new television series is making its debut tonight. The show is “Proof”  and it will

have the incomparably talented Johannah Newmarch is in its pilot episode.  Grab

your remote and settle in.

May 31, 2015:

Our own, man of a thousand faces, Mark Tibando is having a birthday. Happy B-Day,

you handsome son-of-a-gun!

May 06, 2015:

The hit series “Arrow” is in its third season.  Turn to the CW Television Network in

the PM to catch the episode “This Is Your Sword“.  Lucas Wolf is appearing and will

be showing off his ‘killer skills’.  Trust me, it is well worth the view.

April 19, 2015:

Johannah Newmarch will be reappearing as “Susan Lynwood” in the latest instalment

of “The Garage Sale Mysteries“.  This episode is titled “The Deadly Room” and has a

release date of April 28, 2015.  If you get a chance, you should check it out.

April 02, 2015:

Tonight is the release of The SyFy channel’s, much anticipated,  new fantasy series.

Olympus“.  The multi-talented John Emmett Tracy will be showing off his buff body

and acting chops as the character “Pallas“.  Find a seat and glue your attention to the

screen.  This action filled series will blow you away!

March  14, 2015:

The SyFy channel is releasing a new fantasy series.  “Olympus“, is produced by

Reunion Pictures, and is set to come out on April 2, 2015.  One of its stars is none

other than John Emmett Tracy.  He has the reoccurring role of “Pallas“. We’ll be

watching him.

February 28, 2015:

The film makers over at Arena Pictures have made a short film called “Coming Home

One of many they have shot this year, it features the skills of our own Mark Tibando.

We’re hoping we’ll have the good fortune to see it at one of the local film festivals.

February 25, 2015:

Fantastic news!  Douglas Thomson, our in-house Director, has flown in from the

U.K. to visit us in Vancouver.  We will be talking about our upcoming projects,

Royal Blood” and “Road To Shangri-La“, and having a few drinks tonight. Give us

a call if you want to join in!

January 30, 2015:

Here’s a question… What do Johannah Newmarch and Steven Spielberg have

in common?  A brand new series called “The Whisperers” which is set to come

out this year.  Johannah will be appearing in Episode #5: “What Lies Beneath“.

Stay on the alert for this new series, it should be great.  And…Continue to watch the

touching dramatic series “When Calls The Heart” in 2015! Ms Newmarch is still

pleasing audiences with her regular appearances as “Molly Sullivan“.  A role which

garnered her a Leo Award Nomination, last year.

January 18, 2015:

Our top Producer  Michael Scriven. is celebrating the day of his birth, today. We at

In A Coma Productions hope the hang-over, tomorrow, is not too bad.

December 03, 2014:

Sean Tyson, of  Shadowarts Productions and one of the producers for the

amazing Horror Thriller “Royal Blood“, is up at The Whistler Film Festival.

That celebration of Cinema opens today and ends December 7, 2014.  Stay on the

lookout for him.  He is armed (with great projects) but is not dangerous.

October 28, 2014:

The hit show “The Flash“, filmed here in Vancouver, will be featuring Lucas Wolf‘s

talents tonight.  The episode is “Going Rogue” .  Don’t miss it.

October 04, 2014:

Lucas Wolf is appearing in “Run For Your Life“,  A movie for the Lifetime Channel.

The movie, along with it’s handsome star,  should be in regular rotation on that

network as of today.

September 24, 2014:

The Surface“, another of John Emmet Tracy’s projects is being released today.  It

stars Sean Astin and Mimi Rogers.  Keep an eye out for it.

August 22, 2014:

John Emmet Tracy has a new project released today,  “If I Stay“.  It is a feature film

that should be playing in theatres around the country, so check it out.

July 02, 2014:

Good things do happen in threes.  The gang here at In A Coma Productions would

like to wish John Emmet Tracy all the very best, in celebration of his birthday.

June 30, 2014:

In A Coma Productions knows another birthday boy. Douglas Thomson, currently

shooting a film in London England, has another candle added to his cake today. We

wish nothing but the best for our in house Director.

May 31, 2014:

Mark Tibando, our resident Construction Manager (and a very talented actor) has a

birthday today.   We here at In A Coma Productions hope that this is another

productive year for him.

May 31, 2014:

Tonight, at the 2014 Leo Awards, Johannah Newmarch picked up her second prize

in three years.   She won for Best Performance By A Female In A Web Series for her

part as Donna in the new Sci-Fi series “Polaris“. The episode “Adrift” (Part 1).  The

whole gang at In A Coma Productions sends out their warmest congratulations

and a big round of applause.

May 20, 2014:

Good things continue to happen to the people associated to the “Royal Blood

project. The nominees for the 32nd Annual Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards were

announced today and John Emmet Tracy has been nominated in the category of

Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Lead Role for his turn in Pacific

Theatre’s “The Seafarer“. The Awards will be handed out on Monday, June the 23rd.

Not that an outstanding talent like John needs it but, we here at In A Coma will be

keeping our fingers crossed.

May 16, 2014:

John Emmet Tracy is “Leon Rutledge“, on the hit science fiction show “Continuum“.

The episode is called “Waning Minute” and can be viewed on the SyFy channel.

April 25, 2014:

The Leo Award Nomination for 2014 are out.  Guess what?  That incredible actress

Johannah Newmarch is up for two.  She is nominated for  Best Guest Performance

By A Female In A Dramatic Series due to her turn as Molly Sullivan in the Hallmark

series “When Calls A Heart“.  The episode “A Telling Silence“.  And she is also up for

Best Performance By A Female In A Web Series for her part as Donna in the new

Sci-Fi series “Polaris“.  The episode “Adrift” (Part 1).  All the gang here at In A Coma

Productions, wish to congratulate her and all the Leo Award Nominees. Well Done!!!

April 22, 2014:

Our esteemed friend John Emmet Tracey is involved in a bit of a passion project.

He is doing a 24 Hour Shakespeare Project to raise money for the Women’s

And Children’s Hospital here in Vancouver.  It starts tomorrow. Check it out at: .  It is a very worthy cause.  We at

In A Coma Productions will be giving and we suggest you do too.

April 07, 2014:

Sean Tyson of Shadoarts Productions has come onboard as Producer.  He will be

joining the production crew of “Royal Blood“.  Sean has been involved in producing

the soon to be released feature “Down The Line” and several shorts: “Synchronicity In

Retrograde” (2013), “Men In Mind” (2011), and “Collide” (2009). All of us here at

In A Coma Productions are thrilled to have him on the team.

February 01, 2014:

Secrets and Lies“.  Thats the title of this weeks episode of “When Calls The Heart“.

The talented and Lovely Johannah Newmarch appears on it, in the reoccurring role of

“Molly Sullivan”.  It’s on the Hallmark Network. Check it out!!

January 25, 2014:

Tune into the Hallmark channel tonight, where you can see Johannah Newmarch

appear on the hit series  “When Calls The Heart“.   She is outstanding in the

reoccurring role of “Molly Sullivan“.  The episode is titled “A Telling Silence“.

January 18, 2014:

The birthday boy today is our one and only Michael Scriven.   The crew here at In A

Coma Productions would like to wish him a the happiest of celebrations.

January 18, 2014:

Johannah Newmarch appears in another instalment  of  “When Calls The Heart” on

the Hallmark Channel.  The episode is titled “Cease And Desist“.  The series is

produced by Believe Pictures.

January 12, 2014:

The new dramatic television series “When Calls The Heart” debuted last night, on the

Hallmark Channel.  Why are we so excited?   The awesomeness that is Johannah

Newmarch appears in it.  She plays the reoccurring character of “Molly Sullivan“.

Excellent start to the new year for Johannah.

January 01, 2014:

We here at In A Coma Productions hope everyone has a happy, productive and

prosperous 2014.

December 16, 2013:

The fledgling Fox series “Almost Human” has a visitor, tonight.  It is the hard working

Lucas Wolf.  He stopped by to appear in the 6th episode titled “Arrhythmia“.

October 09, 2013:

A big Happy Birthday to the lovely and talented Johannah Newmarch.  The team at

In A Coma Productions wishes her the best.

September 21, 2013:

John Emmet Tracy is still keeping busy.  He appears, tonight, in the dramatic series

Cedar Grove“.

September 13, 2013:

It is looking more and more like the production date for “Royal Blood” will have to be

pushed along to later this year or early next year. (Sigh)  The fight continues!!!

August 30, 2013:

Continuing to look into the budget and possible backers for the “Royal Blood

project. Met with some of the production team, today.  Money is difficult to come

by in this economy.  Well, large sums of money, that is.

August 20, 2013:

Heya All,

We at In A Coma Productions would like to thank all of you, not only for your

generosity, but for the time and effort that many of you put into getting our project

seen and heard.

It is fairly obvious that when it comes to the Indiegogo campaign we did not come

close to achieving our goal but, that being said, we are still pushing forward with

raising funds through private sources. What that means is we haven’t given up!!!

Once again we want to make it known that you guys (and others) have been

awesome in moving this project forward. We hope to keep this blog active with news

of the “Royal Blood” production over the next 3-6 months. If you want to ask any

questions, or get in touch with us for any reason, please contact us at

Thanks from the team at:

In A Coma Productions

August 17, 2013:

The Fifth week of the Indiegogo Campaign has flown past and we at In A Coma

Productions want to take this opportunity to thank the following people for their

generous purchase of perks.

Tim and Sue Everett

Tania and Ron Nease

Anonymous (He’s Back)

Anonymous (Must be twins)

August 10, 2013:

The Fourth week of the Indiegogo Campaign has wound down and thus In A Coma

Productions would like to thank the following people for taking time (and money)

to purchase Perks:

Annye Castonguay

David Kerr

Lisa Winfrey

Harriet Muller

Thanks for your support!!!

August 03, 2013:

The third week (and half way point) of the Indiegogo Campaign has passed and

In A Coma Productions would like to give a nod to the following people for their

generous purchase of Perks:

Michelle Muldoon

Sheri Kinney


Chris Lewoniuk of the BLDG Services Group

Thanks for supporting the project!!!

July 27, 2013:

The second week of the Indiegogo Campaign is over and In A Coma Productions

would like to give a nod to the following people for their generous purchase of Perks:

Mandy Schultz

Sean Preston

Gerald Stang

Donnell McDonell

Anonymous (You know who you are!)

Ronald Thompson

Joan Gagnon

Anonymous (You get around!)

Mark & Jessica Judge

We appreciate the support!!!

July 21, 2013:

The first week of the Indiegogo Campaign is over and In A Coma Productions would

like to thank the following people for their generous purchase of Perks:

Charlyn A.

Jason Nickel

Lisa Popove

Mark Tibando

Garreth Lau

Jon Woodland

Rance McGrew

Jonathan Fulton

Lisa Barnetson

Robert Schultz

We appreciate the support!!!

July 14, 2013:

The door prize winners at the Anza Club on Friday are:

Third Prize – Charlyn A. Gets a $25.00 Indiegogo Perk which includes-

*A HD downloadable copy of the Film. (Note: This will not be available until the picture

is completed, edited and released.)

*A Digital Photo featuring the talented cast of lead characters. (Via e-mail, once the

film is in production)

*Her name will appear on the “Royal Blood” Facebook page, as well as In A Coma

Productions Blog.

Second Prize – Jason N. Gets  a $50.00 Indiegogo Perk which includes-

*Everything in the $25.00 perk AND…

*A PDF download of the shooting script for “Royal Blood”.

*Access to behind the scenes photographs and notes.(Note: These will not be

available until the film is completed.)

First Prize- Lisa P. Gets a Unique Indiegogo Perk which includes-

*Everything in the $50.00 perk AND…

*A WALK ON PART IN THE FILM, guaranteed to be in the final cut.

*Spend the day with Cast and Crew!

*Her name will appear in the end credits. (Note: Travel and accommodations are not

included in this Perk. Schedules permitting.)

July 13, 2013:

A fun night of music and socializing at the Anza Club. (Boy was the signature drink

Royal Blood” delicious.) Thanks to Ambrose and Julian, the flair bar-tending team

that served up the good times!! Thanks to everyone that came out and supported

us!!! It was good to see so many familiar faces. You guys made the night.

Setting up the Promo / Fundraiser was fun but now begins the real work and we need

your help! Check us out at our Indiegogo Campaign. This is the Web address:

It contains more info on the project and some wicked Perks! Three were given away

last night, including a walk-on part in the movie. Winners will be announced later.

July 11, 2013:

A signature cocktail “Royal Blood” has been created for the event at the Anza Club,

tomorrow night. Our expert flair bartenders will mix them while they are entertaining

the crowd. The number of signature drinks available will be limited due to mix. So, get

there early, and order one while they last!!!

July 08, 2013:

In A Coma Production’s hard working production crew has been labouring overtime

(Sadly, we don’t actually pay overtime) to get ready for the upcoming  Promo/

Fundraiser at the Anza Club on July 12th. We hope you’ll join us for the fun.

TOP DOOR PRIZE is a Unique Perk!!!

A Perk for the true artist. This includes:

A WALK ON PART IN THE FILM, guaranteed to be in the final cut.

-Spend the day with Cast and Crew!

-Your name will appear in the end credits. (Note: Travel and accommodations are not

included in this Perk. Schedules permitting.)

-A PDF download of the shooting script for “Royal Blood”.

-Access to behind the scenes photographs and notes. (Note: These will not be

available until the film is completed.)

-A HD downloadable copy of the Film. (Note: This will not be available until the

picture is completed, edited and released.)

-A Digital Photo featuring the talented cast of lead characters. (Via e-mail, once the

film is in production)

-Your name will appear on the “Royal Blood” Facebook page, as well as here on the

In A Coma Productions Blog.

July 02, 2013:

All the gang, down at In A Coma Productions would like to wish John Emmet Tracy

the happiest of 44th birthdays.

June 25, 2013:

In A Coma Production’s cup of talent runneth over.  Last night, at the annual JESSIE

AWARDS, (Vancouver, B.C.’s live theatre awards) our man John Emmet Tracy won

Best Actor for his turn in Pi Theatre’s production of “Terminus“.  An excellent play that

also garnered Best Production and Best Lighting Design.  We’re lucky to have him.

Incredible work!!

June 23, 2013:

In A Coma Productions will be hosting a Launch Party/Fundraiser on July 12, 2013

at The Anza Club (#3 West 8th Avenue in Vancouver, B.C.).  This is to start our fund-

raising stretch for our upcoming feature film “Royal Blood“.   The doors will open at

8:00pm. Come meet some of the stars!!!  Be among the first to view the film’s teaser

and get a look at the upcoming project.  There will be a DJ and dancing.  Door

Prizes!! The cover charge is $5.00.  Wine and Beer $5.00.  Get the message out and

let’s make it a night to remember!

June 15, 2013:

In A Coma Productions has opened a Facebook page for its upcoming production

of “Royal Blood“.  There will be Trivia, Contests, Events, Info, Announcements, Cast

and Crew Bios and a whole lot more.  It can be found at: Spread the word!

June 11, 2013:

The television series “Rogue“, which is an original series on DirecTV , has been

renewed or a second season.  This is good news around here at In A Coma

Productions because Vancouver’s own Johannah Newmarch has been doing

stunning work on it, in her reoccurring role of “Loretta“.  The new episodes will be

shot in late summer in anticipation of their release for 2014.

June 09, 2013:

The lovely and talented Ms Johannah Newmarch arrived at the Leo Awards last night

(Nominated for Best Performance by a Female in a Short Drama in her role in

The Weather Girl“.), dressed to the nines, in a beautiful black gown by Chloe Angus

Designs.  She looked incredible.

May 31, 2013:

A quick shout out from In A Coma Productions to our in house Construction

Manager/Actor Mark Tibando as he celebrates another birthday.  Happy B-Day from

all of us here on the production team.

May 28, 2013:

The month of May continues to be good to us here at In A Coma Productions. Our

own Mark Tibando has signed with Keir MacPherson of K.C.Talent.  Well done Mark!

May 26, 2013:

Mark Tibando (In house Construction Manager/Actor) has been cast as a lead actor in

the new webisode series “The Inbetween“.  It is exciting news for us here at

In A Coma Productions but, to be honest, we’re not surprised because Mark is one

incredibly talented dude.

May 24, 2013:

The production team at In A Coma Productions is pleased to announce an exciting

addition to the cast of Royal Blood.  It is John Emmet Tracy, a multi-facetted

performer, well known here in Vancouver.  One of his most recent acting forays,

American Mary“, is already getting some incredible buzz around the continent and is

set to open in Los Angeles on May 31st 2013.

May 15, 2013:

In A Coma Productions heard the good news, last night.  Johannah Newmarch has

been nominated for a LEO Award in the category of Best Performance by a Female in

a Short Drama for her role in “The Weather Girl”.  This is her second nomination in as

many years. She was nominated last year, and won, for Best Performance by a

Female in a Feature Length Drama for “Sunflower Hour”. She’s an incredible talent.

Johannah is currently set to star in “Royal Blood“, In A Coma Productions new

horror/thriller which is slated to go in front of the cameras in September of this year!

May 04, 2013:

In A Coma Productions has decided to create an Indiegogo campaign for

Royal Blood. Over the next several weeks we will be putting together all of the

materials for the pitch.  It is stunning to realize, that we began ‘assembling’ the

different elements for this project nearly two years ago.  It is a long road to travel

(and will be getting longer still), but the gang here at In A Coma Productions

believes that, in the end, the effort will be well worth it.

February 28, 2013:

Investment money, particularly at the level we require in order to produce our first

feature length film, is difficult to find.  (More so since the financial collapse of

2008)  The production team here at In A Coma Productions has decided to go

the crowd funding route.  We’ll be looking over our options to see how we can

effectively use the available platforms (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc) to get the cash

necessary to shoot “Royal Blood“.

February 13, 2013:

First reports coming back from the production team on Road To Shangri-La

are very positive.  Still needs a few rewrites but overall the pilot episode is going

in the right direction.  As the saying goes, writing is rewriting.

January 24, 2013:

Michael Scriven,  our Chief Operating Officer and esteemed producer, is having

a birthday today.   We would like to wish him a very happy day!!!

January 22, 2013:

The first draft of the pilot episode for  Road To Shangri-La has been finished.  It

has a bit of a claustrophobic feel to it, which is what we were hoping for.   Copies will

be sent out to the Production Team for their critiques.

December 13, 2012:

Our Production Team is not going idle, while we wait for developments on the funding

front.  The worst thing you can do is quit while you are on a roll.  We have decided

that we will initiate a second project.  The second will be of an episodic nature.  A few

ideas were put forward  and it has been decided that we will concentrate on a

television/webisode pilot.  Road To Shangri-La.   It’s a Post-apocolyptic theme, with

a strong female lead.  We promise that there will be no zombies involved.

December 10, 2012:

A polish draft of Royal Blood  has been finished and sent out to the In A Coma 

Production Team. This feels close to a version that the team can take to camera.

July 18, 2012:

The last large draft of Royal Blood is done and sent out to the production team.

Although the project will require some polishing and touch-ups, the project as a

whole is very solid.

May 26, 2012:

In A Coma Productions is elated (chuffed actually) to announce that Vancouver’s

Johannah Newmarch was awarded the 2012 LEO for Best Supporting Performance

by a Female in a Feature Length Drama.  This was for her turn in the film

Sunflower Hour“.  We’re thrilled!!  A shout goes out to all the other winners, and

nominees at this years awards.

January 31, 2012:

The family of In A Coma Productions continues to grow.  We are excited by the

addition of two new faces to the cast of  Royal Blood.  The lovely and talented

Johannah Newmarch,  (Best known for her LEO AWARD nominated turn in

Sunflower Hour“)  and the industrious and gifted Lucas Wolf.  (Known for his

brilliant stint on the sci-fi television show “V“).

October 01, 2011:

A congratulations to Douglas Thomson on his directorial involvement in the project

The Poacher“.  The finished product is a 14 minute short, set in 1890’s North

American frontier.  In A Coma Productions is thrilled that this enterprise has

come to fruition.  We send good wishes out to all those who were involved.

September 09, 2011:

In A Coma Productions is pleased to announce that the incredibly knowledgable

and hard working Producer Ian R. Smith has joined the production team of

Royal Blood. Ian is best known for shepherding such projects as APTN’s

television series “Health Nutz” and such films as Paramount Picture’s “The Traveler”,

starring Val Kilmer.

August 13, 2011:

Using the notes and info gathered at last months read through at The Actor’s

Foundry, Brook Judge has finished the latest draft of Royal Blood.  Once again

a big thank you goes out to those who participated in the reading.

July 7, 2011:

In A Coma Productions visits The Actor’s Foundry in Vancouver for a read through

of its new Screenplay Royal Blood.   A big thank you to the actors and actresses

that supported the reading and a tip of the hat to Matthew Harrison for the use of

the fantastic facilities.  It has been decided that Royal Blood will be the first

feature length film to be produced by In A Coma Productions.

July 01, 2011:

In A Coma Productions is thrilled to launch its new Studio as well as its exciting

new Web-site.

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