Douglas Thomson – Director

DOUGLAS THOMSON started his film career in camera, acting and editing before moving into the director’s chair initially directing music videos where he honed his visual storytelling skills.  He has studied with the likes of Atom Egoyan, Thomas Burstyn C.S.C., and acclaimed acting coach’s Cameron Thor and Judith Weston of Los Angeles.  Actors, such as Ian Tracy of Da Vinci’s Inquest, call him an actor’s director: ”  This is evident in his film “Cellmates” starring Ian Tracy and Rachel Hayward.  Douglas also works as a story/script editor, between his own film projects, as he is extremely adept at identifying and “fixing” story and structure problems.  He is experienced in all facets of the business and continues to develop various film projects in both the U.K. , Europe and N.A.  Douglas now resides in London (as he has dual citizenship), and is currently dividing his time between the U.K, Canada, and Spain directing music videos and commercials in between developing his next feature film project.  For a closer look at his work, check out


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